Why Choose Amrut Solar Panel Systems and Solutions?


CEC Approved Solar Retailer

As a CEC Approved Solar Retailer, Amrut Solar promises to ensure CEC approved, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission related compliance are met with. This makes the products we endorse and install the best in their range available in the market, with stellar services from our team.

Homogeneous Installation Team

Since Amrut Solar is a CEC approved retailer, we assemble our team of sales representatives and solar system installation experts who are well trained at their jobs. This makes our installation process truly efficient and seamless for our clients.

Full-Service Solar Company

Amrut Solar retails solar panels in Melbourne, as well as solar power systems consisting of solar inverters and batteries. Our services are known as solar solutions in Melbourne, as we bring the answer to all your issues regarding installing solar power systems to your rooftop in Melbourne. We also make custom plans for solar panel installation in your home and commercial properties.

Better Rebates

Since Amrut Solar is a CEC accredited solar company, as our clients, you become eligible to the subsidy of Small-Scale Technology Certificates that is provided by the government. Buying from Amrut Solar brings you better savings!

Solar Solutions Melbourne

As solar power becomes the preferred mode of energy consumption, Amrut Solar steps in to pave the way to a cleaner and greener future for your home and commercial spaces with our solar panel installation in Melbourne, and a wide variety of solar batteries and inverter options. As part of our residential solar and commercial solar custom plans, you can trust us to create tailor-made solar power systems to fit the needs of your property.

Amrut Solar exists to nurture its community and make the best out of what nature provides, and bring affordability, and a power-efficient solar power system to Australia.

Solar Power System Melbourne

Amrut Solar Energy System Melbourne

Prefer purchasing your solar panels and solar power system through Amrut Solar – as we help you navigate the sustainability landscape with ease. We provide an exclusive 30-day money-back guarantee to our customers so that you can have the best customer experience.

Each of the products we retail is approved by the Clean Energy Council and is fully compliant with the best standards of quality in Australia. In fact, we believe in the longevity of the brands we sell so much that we offer up to 25-year panel performance warranty and as well as a 5-year workmanship warranty.

Solar System For Home


At Amrut Solar, we believe that like charity, sustainability also begins at home. To assemble solar systems for homes in Australian homes, we take a systematic approach that begins with a quote, goes to a survey, an energy audit, and finally, the installation.

Different sized homes in Australia can require different capacities of solar output from their solar system for homes. Amrut Solar has a team of experts at hand to solve every solar energy-related issue just a call away. Whether you’re looking for grid-connected systems, or just independent panels and inverters, Amrut Solar is your one-stop shop!

With Amrut Solar’s promise of quality, you will get:

  • Great returns on your investment
  • A smaller carbon footprint
  • Savings on energy bills
  • Increase in the value of your property

We know the value of using the abundant sunlight in our beautiful country and harnessing it to save money and reduce your family’s carbon footprint. Amrut Solar aims to show its valued clients that solar power is economical and greatly beneficial at the same time, especially when solar systems for homes are installed. The best part? You can choose solar power systems to suit your needs exclusively. We will help you in assembling a system that will transmit solar power that is hassle-free and efficient.

Commercial Solar System


Save money with a commercial solar panel system

Now more than ever, the global eyes are on businesses to cut their energy use and create more sustainable methods of functioning without impacting the environment negatively. Amrut Solar brings the solution to these issues through bringing commercial solar to Australian business owners, to change the way your commercial ventures make savings.

We aim to help business owners take advantage of the economical and environmental benefits of solar energy by retailing and installing solar power systems of the best quality, and value. Our installation team is an expert in developing custom solutions for your commercial property and can work with any given configuration. We offer complete solar panel installation, solar power system solutions, and the opportunity to take advantage of the government-sanctioned benefits to business owners who make the switch to commercial solar power.

When you decide to install commercial solar systems in your business, you are keeping the sustainability promise you made to yourself, your business, your employees, and your customers. Amrut Solar stands by your decisions!

Solar Battery Storage


Local Battery storage: the approach forward for star PV, electrical device Storage are getting Viable

Weather is one unpredictable side of our mother nature. You ne'er understand when the sun would shine and when it'd go behind clouds. Eventhough you manage to coordinate tons of your energy consumption with the looks of the sun, there'll still be tons of consumption out of the set, which will lead you to have to depend on other sources of energy, rendering your whole solar power system only half of it’s worth! So what is the solution?

What if we tell you regardless of the timings of your consumption, you can produce the solar energy and then STORE IT and then utilise it whenever they need rises! That’s very much possible and even finance-friendly! With the increasing demand, the supply is not only increasing but also becoming cheaper due to the competition. Solar power retailers are adapting to the new situation and offering storage systems. These storage systems basically store the maximum energy which is produced according to the sun's presence and then it can be utilized whenever you need it. Photovoltaic combined with solar batteries are the future!



Six Steps Amrut Solar Panel Installation Process Melbourne

The Cost Benefit Ratio
The Cost Benefit Ratio
On a quick phone call, our team of solar experts will evaluate your home’s solar potential using advanced imagery technology and discuss your current electricity bill.
Design Solar System For Your Home
Design Solar System For Your Home
If your home is a good candidate for solar, our team of system designers will custom-design a system specifically for your home. Why do we do this? Because we want to maximize your energy production!
Solution, Design & Quote
Solution, Design & Quote
Our professionally trained Solar Consultant will review your custom system design, guaranteed energy production, a choice of payment options, incentives, warranties and more.
Final Design & Decision
Final Design & Decision
Our energy expert will provide you multiple solar solutions with Best quotes for you to choose a final design and system tailored for your home.
Hassle-Free Installation
Hassle-Free Installation
Our project management team will handle permits, inspections, interconnection, and more during your project you don’t have to worry about a thing.
Maintenance & Support
Maintenance & Support
You will receive lifetime support by our qualified Technical Team. Make your solar investment count and be assured that you are only a phone call away to receive high-quality support for all your future queries.

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