30kW Solar System

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What is a 30kW solar system?

The 30kW solar system is a fairly big generation unit; it is ideal for clients who demand high amounts of electricity. Because of the unit's large size and power output, clients tend to be very happy with the cost-effective benefits of a solar system. This can either be used in conjunction with your existing supplier or even as an independent power source. It is estimated that a 30kW solar panel system generates an average of 110kWh of power daily.

How much energy do 30kW solar panels produce?

The actual power output of a 30kW solar panel system will change depending on a variety of variables. These elements consist of:

  • The location of the 30kW solar system.
  • The angle of tilt and panel orientation of the solar array.
  • The anticipated yearly and daily solar irradiation.
  • Actual panel operating temperature

30KW solar panel system is a commercial solar system that has an output of 30,000 watts produced through installing around 82 to 100 solar panels and related components, depending on weather conditions permitting full harnessing of the sun’s energy.

The average output of one solar panel does not exceed 330W across brands, and with our tier 1 installations, we can guarantee high efficiency and output orientation.

Is a 30kW solar system the perfect size for your Melbourne business?

Basically, three parameters determine the size of the solar system that is appropriate for your company:

  • Available roof space
  • A 30kW solar system will need at least around 150–200m2 of space, but it may need more depending on the panel wattage and whether tilt frames are required.

  • Energy consumption habits
  • Any solar energy that your system produces but that you cannot consume directly is of no financial advantage to you because solar feed-in credits are frequently not paid out for electricity put into the grid by solar systems beyond 10kW in capacity in Australia.

  • Budget
  • It all depends on whether you have the money to invest in a system if your roof is large enough to accommodate the largest solar system size that is advised.

What are the benefits of 30kW solar panels?

The 30kW solar panels are qualified and CEC-approved to reduce your commercial carbon footprint, and at the same time bring down your electricity costs to a minimum.

These are grid-connected but majorly rely on harnessed solar energy. Since energy audits will be conducted before recommending a commercial solar product, all your commercial needs will necessarily be met. Amrut Solar provides all services for both the 30kW off-grid solar system and the 30kW hybrid inverter..

As one of the well-established businesses in Australia, you are well aware of the challenges people living in Australia are going through. There are still ways to help; people just need to get out there and do their bit. Be a part of the environmental movement by installing a 30KW solar system in your business today.


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We also don’t presume people to be aware of energy metrics and power requirement dynamics. This is why; all we require from you is to get in touch with us and let us know your requirements. Our team takes over from there and ensures that it takes end to end care for you by offering 360 degree service.

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