5kW Solar System

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How many solar panels will you need?

With a 5kW output requirement, you would need to install 15 solar panels, each with an output of about 330W, producing a total of 4950W.

Solar panels work on the principle of harnessing the sun’s energy into electricity.

If you want to power your home through solar power, you will have to install solar panels that consist of high-efficiency modules, to harness the rays of the sun.

Along with this, you will need to install an inverter that will convert the energy harnessed through the solar panels, and supply the power through your home.

How much electricity will a 5kW solar system generate?

A 5kW solar system installation, consisting of an inverter and approximately 15 solar panels, will be able to produce 5000 kilowatts of energy.

With each panel having a capacity to produce 330 watts of electricity, you will be able to generate 15 X 330 = 4950 Watts.

The minute that your solar panels will be exposed to sunlight, they will begin to produce electricity.

The capacity of a solar panel depends on several factors, including the time of day it is and the position of the panels.

What are the benefits of 5kW solar power system panels?

Each solar panel produces about 330 watts of electricity and ends up saving you at least $2000 each year.

With the costs of installing a solar energy system being relatively high, you may feel that this investment is not for you.

However, Amrut Solar promises that your purchase will pay for itself in time. Australia is a nation that gets a high enough amount of sunlight to power its entire people.

Besides the obvious fiscal profits you will receive, you will also be leading a much more sustainable lifestyle.

How much space do we need for 5kW solar energy system?

Each solar panel is typically sized at 1756×1039×30mm (69.07×40.97×1.18 inch). With high-quality tier 1 solar panels of the standard shape and size, we would require installing at least 15 such panels.

You would require about 25 to 30 square meters of roof space to accommodate the panels. Additionally, you will also require space for an inverter. This is non-negotiable.

Amrut Solar will help you in finding the best space for your panels, and the most efficient manner of installation so as to beget an optimal amount of sunlight with which to create solar power for industry your home.


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