About Amrut Solar


Amrut Solar is one of the most Trusted provider of solar power systems across Australia

Amrut Solar is a community-centric solar power system company that provides services for the community and nurtures nature through a sustainable business model. We follow ethical and equitable business practices that ensure the satisfaction of our clients and employees alike. As a leading solar company, Amrut Solar aims to bring affordability to the skyrocketing energy bills our clients have to deal with and tackle climate change through the products we install. We encourage sustainable living for a healthier and greener future for Australia.

In order to reach our goals, we endeavour to maintain equitability and a strict code of ethics in the work we do. We work to ensure that all your solar installations, be it solar inverter, battery or solar panels (PVs), are in complete compliance with the Clean Energy Council’s Approved Solar Retailer Code of Conduct. Our aim is to ensure a reduction in carbon emissions from homes and commercial properties while striving to be the best in the business.

Amrut Solar is one of the fastest-growing solar system retailers, bridging the gap and bringing solar energy – clean energy – to your homes and businesses. Our main goal is to not only bring affordable solar power systems to your home, but also to raise the bar and shatter the glass ceilings of the solar industry standards. As a CEC approved solar company, we bring accessibility along with affordability and easy installations to the solar business. We take great pride in our work and hope to someday see Australia take full advantage of the sunny climate of our country, and use it to power homes across the continent.

With the Amrut Solar name, we guarantee quality workmanship and power efficiency galore to each of our valued clients. The term Amrut itself means a thing that is immortal and that does not die – just like the solar energy that we harness from natural resources.


Residential Solar

Solar energy is a smart choice for Australian households. Not only can you use our beautiful sunny climate to save money — you’re also investing in a cleaner future for generations to come by reducing your environmental footprint.

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Commercial Solar

With increased scrutiny on the environmental impact that businesses are having on our planet, solar energy is a smart and forward-thinking choice for Australian businesses.

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Why Do Most Australians Prefer Amrut Solar?

Solar Panel Retailers Who Cares About Environment

CEC Certified Solar Installers of Melbourne

Best Installation Team

Amrut Solar owns best class Clean Energy Council accredited installation team with long term maintenance service

System Design

Amrut solar is solar provider with site-specific full system design including the proposed roof plan

Transparent Contract

Amrut Solar contract are expressed in a clear and transparent way, using plain language that is legible

Best Solar System

Amrut Solar emphasize on the quality and needs of the customer to optimize usage of Solar energy and reduction of cost

Affordable Price

Amrut Solar emphasize the competitive price for best efficeient system and good maintenance with friendly support system.

Maintenance and Support

You will receive lifetime support by the Amrut Solar qualified Technical Team. Phone call away to receive high-quality support for all your future queries.

Brands We Install

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