9.9 KW Solar Panel System promises ample power

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9.9 KW Solar Panel System promises ample power

Everybody agrees nowadays that setting up a solar panel system is the best decision. Perhaps neighbors and adjacent businesses have installed one already and are now reaping the benefits. Energy needs are getting costlier and tapping the sun’s power in a seemingly infinite source helps the planet. Australia, being well-blessed by the sun in ample ways, is all the more reason to go solar. If you opt for the 9.9 KW Solar Panel System, it generates well in excess of 35kWh power each day. The abundant power feeds a large residential complex or a small business need. In either case, large benefits will come with time, maybe in 5 years with power self-sufficiency.

Do you really need so much power?

Australia has more than a million homes with solar panels installed, according to the 2021 statistics, and constantly growing. Is it a vast home with a swimming pool and reverse cycle air-conditioning? Home solar systems could be very much smaller, according to energy needs. Business needs or a mega office-cum-home might require such extensive power.

Remote locations in farms and town areas where the national grid hardly reaches need solar systems to a greater extent. It does feel ethereal to be power-independent but it takes a large investment, time, and patience. Since government policies support such installations, the returns are worthwhile. Don’t you feel good too about helping the earthly environment by not depending upon fossil fuels any further? A premium 9.9 KW Solar Panel System with all the components and extensive technical support is a wise investment in the future.

Get to understand the basics

Photovoltaic solar cells harvest the energy of the sun and solar electricity is the result. In an age of global awareness and widespread consumption of solar systems, a good quality 9.9 kW system may cost $10,000 and above. Cheaper versions would be available but compromises have to be made with Chinese products. Isn’t it better to invest in top-notch quality with apt after-sales services and very lengthy warranties that keep the mind at peace? Similarly, the inverter and batteries too should belong to competent manufacturers.

That initial investment should be recovered through savings in energy bills over 3 to 5 years, meaning that you spend nothing on power after that. Maybe extra power could be sold.

Regarding the number of solar panels, about 30 panels of 300 watts modules would produce more than 35kWh of power each day, facing north. Summer generates more power for sure in comparison to the winter. The installation area would cover about 55 square meters.

Hyundai, JA Solar and LG Solar?

A galaxy of international corporations is busy at this moment researching and producing solar systems in remote Korea and China, and elsewhere. It is clear which way the future energy needs are headed when the earthly resources will diminish further. Already, it is a tug of war over gas and crude oil against the background of the war that rages in Europe. With the ever-increasing demand for solar systems, prices have fallen and are now affordable with better products as a result of development. The 9.9 KW Solar Panel System dream is viable in the context of an energy-hungry future that looks to alternative sources like the sun.

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