What are the Benefits of Solar Energy?

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What are the Benefits of Solar Energy?

Most discussed and yet most neglected aspect to consider is the environment, our planet earth. When we hear about pollution and global warming, we wish we lived in a better world, but when it’s time to make a difference, we often miss out. Sometimes because it can be costly to consider the environment, but in the case of solar energy it’s an opposite scenario! Solar energy is not only good for the environment but for your finances too! Let’s discuss all the benefits at length.

Financial Benefits

  • Reduces Your Monthly Bills:
    Using solar energy for your daily use of various appliances, significantly reduces your electricity bills. You will see significant reduction in your monthly bills once the system is installed.
  • Increases Your Property Value:
    When the property has a solar system installed, it automatically gets more valuable. If you were to get the market price for your property, the value would see a remarkable rise just because of the solar system.
  • Low Maintenance:
    Unlike other systems, the solar system requires next to none maintenance which means the only cost is of installation. Once the system is installed, you will not be needing any services or such.
  • Low Cost:
    The only cost that you pay is of installation, and it is also reduced significantly because of Australian government’s generous incentives.
  • Cheapest and Most Abundant Energy Source:It is one source that is cheapest and most abundant. Because it is renewable energy it costs next to nothing even as an energy source, and not just as a system.
  • Small Scale Technology Certificate:
    Australian Government offers STCs (Small scale Technology Certificates) which helps reduce the installation cost of the system. Simply put, when you install the system you have particular STCs eligibility, according to which you can get the system installed with reduced cost with the STCs. The STCs eligibility is calculated considering your geographic location, system’s capacity and the deeming period. Refer to our What is the Deeming Period Decline, why Solar Panels should be installed Now? To know more about deeming period and STCs (hyperlink)

Environmental Benefits:

  • Create Your Own Energy:
    With the system installed at your home, you will be creating your own energy which means there will be no energy transportation and such which involve mediums that are not particularly environment friendly.
  • Contribute to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET):
    Australia’s Small scale Renewable Energy Scheme is to be run till 2030. By installing the solar system, you will be making a good contribution to the country’s target.
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction:
    Solar energy production does not include by-production of various harmful gases that create carbon footprint. By using solar energy you will be reducing your carbon footprint which in turn will help with global warming.
  • Considering the weather of the country and how much sunlight it gets, in Australia, solar energy can produce up to 60% of the country’s energy demand. With each passing year, you also let go of financial benefits as the deeming period keeps declining. Use of solar power can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the country’s reliance on fossil fuels. With such amazing benefits, why would you wait to get the solar system installed?

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