Stepping Ahead Towards Green Business Operations with a 30 kW Solar System

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Stepping Ahead Towards Green Business Operations with a 30 kW Solar System

If you might be asking yourself, let’s understand green business operations and then discuss the sustainable benefits of a 30kW solar system to know-how using a 30kW solar system refers to moving towards green business operations.

As the name suggests, green business operations refer to operating a business with a minimal negative impact on the environment and ensuring a higher degree of positive effect on local communities, the country, and the world. So, it’s a safer and greener alternative to the energy source. It does not depend on non-renewable natural resources like coal, water, or biomass/biofuels but alternatively on solar energy, which we get in immense amounts every day, and we’re not going to lack it shortly. In other words, it involves the use of sustainable power sources, minimized use of non-renewable energy, reduced energy costs, and factors alike to ensure sustenance. As if that’s not enough, it is immune to any pollutions such as water, wind, or noise. So now, how does a 30kW solar system take you towards green business operations? Let’s find it out. And that’s only the one side of the story, and there’s a lot more to it!

3 Ways a 30kW Solar System Contributes to Green Business Operations

  • Reduced Dependence on Electricity

    This is the first and most obvious aspect where solar energy emerges as an absolute winner. Essentially, solar systems harness the power of the sun (solar energy) to generate electricity. It is pollution-free and causes no greenhouse gases to be emitted after installation. They help owners minimize their dependence on conventional electricity and reduce its consumption in the long run. And nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about uncertain power cuts, and there’s no need to invest a fortune in costly power generators. Simply put, you would not have to depend on your regular energy source anymore.

    As a result, solar systems provide protection against rising electricity costs and lower electricity use while leveraging the energy derived from the sun, the endless source of energy. So, waste no time and get ready to be the savior of the environment!

  • Payback Period

    Imagine paying for electricity today, tomorrow, and forever while balancing other expenses! Overhead expenses such as electricity can affect profits significantly. However, a 30kW solar system with a shorter payback period can help you recover your investments in a relatively lesser time.

    On average, an excellent quality 30kW solar system offers a payback period of three to five years. Within this period, businesses can recover their investments and use electricity almost for free after completion. Although yes, it must be noted that the payback period varies with the variant of the 30kW solar system you choose.

  • 97% Efficiency

    30kW solar systems operate with a 97% efficiency. It means the panels convert almost all the energy they receive into electricity. That, again, refers to minimized dependence on conventional electricity and making optimal use of solar energy, the only practically free and infinite source of energy.

    With a 97% efficiency, an average payback period of three to five years, and minimized conventional electricity consumption, 30kW solar systems enable businesses to generate more in less and walk towards sustainability and a green future.

    Amrut Solar offers top-quality 30kW solar systems in three variants: on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid. Get to know more about the three types of 30kW solar systems.

And let’s not forget about the greatest benefit you receive

Suppose you receive around $15000 electricity bills annually. Now, install our 30Kw Solar panels, which will cost you between AUD 32,000 – AUD 45,000. If I’m calculating it right, you’ll cover up the cost in 3 to 4 years at max, and then you’ll be getting the electricity for zero pence FOREVER! It must be noted the prices may vary with the territory in which you live and also your city. I don’t find any reason not to install these 30 kW solar panels. Come on, think about it.

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