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Step by Step Guide to Getting Solar System

Post By: Amrut Solar

APRIL 13, 2021

Going solar is not as simple as going to the mall and buying pants. It can get very complicated but with the right guide it can be easy for you. Before making the decision and going ahead with it, check out the below mentioned steps:

Guide to Getting Solar System
  1. Evaluation:

    It takes a lot of factors’ consideration before making the decision. You have to check the rooftop space or ground space capacities. With that consideration you can select the kind of system you can get for your property. After the space evaluation, you need to make sure that the space’s structure is strong enough. Next is your property’s energy capacities, your electrical mechanism may or may not need an upgrade depending on the size of system you’re purchasing. There might be two site visits for the same, one by your installer to check out the space and another by an engineer to check out the technical aspects.

  2. Decision:

    After consulting with your installer and checking out all the factors that matter, you have to make a decision about which kind of system you’d want installed and of how much capacity. You need to consider your energy efficiency and consumption. Depending on the efficiency and consumption, you can make decisions regarding the best incentives and schemes to take advantage of.

  3. Legal and documentation:

    After the decision is made, you have to handle the legal implications and various documents. There are feed-in tariffs to be considered and also small-scale technology certificate eligibility. Your retailer or the manager can help you handle all this. After understanding and taking care of this, make sure you have chosen the best options. Government mandated rates of feed-in tariffs are no longer to be implemented, which means the retailers have free hand and offer voluntary rates. With small scale technology certificates you have to consider the decline of deeming period along with your geographic location and system’s capacity, you can calculate your eligibility before making the final purchase, heads up- the sooner the better since the decline is rapid considering how close we are to year 2030. The small scale technology certificates’ validity and generation are only offered till 31st December, 2030.

  4. Installation:

    Once everything is taken care of and the purchase is signed, the system will be installed within a few days to few weeks depending on the size of system and the weather conditions. And the necessary connections will be established and you will start generating your own energy.

    By going solar, you also contribute to the environment’s betterment. Solar energy helps with pollution, global warming and fossil fuel consumption’s reduction. Also helps with the country’s renewable energy target. Besides the environment factor, you also help yourself with personal finances because installing solar systems means huge cost reduction in not only the installation but also in your future electricity bills because of feed-in tariffs. Choose the best consultations and retailers and don’t be late! Contact Amrut Solar today for more information, consultation and best solar services for both residential and commercial purposes.

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