What is the Feed-In Tariff?

Simply put, feed in tariffs are a medium of transaction for electricity. When you install a solar system and produce your own energy, you use that energy and save your electricity bills. In addition, often your system may produce more energy than required by you, that extra energy is sent back to the national power […]

What is the Deeming Period Decline, why Solar Panels should be installed Now?

The small scale certificates are generated till 2030 as the Renewable Energy Act mentions 31st December, 2030 as the last date for generation and validation of STCSs. This time period is called deeming period. Time period for which the STCs are deemed. The Renewable Energy Act (2000) To understand the deeming period decline, let’s first […]

Step by Step Guide to Getting Solar System

Going solar is not as simple as going to the mall and buying pants. It can get very complicated but with the right guide it can be easy for you. Before making the decision and going ahead with it, check out the below mentioned steps: Evaluation: It takes a lot of factors’ consideration before making […]

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