Running businesses in Australia comes with its own set of challenges. Our country is aware of the environmental impact we make on our surroundings and planet and encourages businesses to go the commercial solar way.

Amrut Solar wants to help businesses of all sizes to embrace the commercial solar way, and reduce their expenditure on electricity and energy bills. The commercial solar power systems we offer are some of the best in the market, and benefit you as a business owner. Commercial solar systems for business reduce your overhead budget by a lot! This will help you in making savings and deliver on your promise to keep the environment safe for the future. Switching to commercial solar is not just a means to reduce your overheads. With a solar energy production system for your commercial property, you will be implementing changes that are in line with a long term investment that gives you great returns on your investment.

Though the initial investment may seem large and unaffordable in the long run, within a few years, your power usage will become completely free and home produced. Amrut Solar was made to help Australian businesses leverage their natural climate to create a lasting energy source. We retail and install commercial solar systems and all their components. Each of our commercial solar plans can be adapted for the business of different sizes and a range of applications. What’s more, we also offer some great warranties and protections on all our components and services!

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