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Solar energy system for home is the smarter choice of energy consumption for Australian households. A high percentage of your paycheck is spent on energy bills and basic utilities. Today, the choice to opt for a solar system for homes seems more and more logical to tackle excess spending and invest in your future. Choosing to go solar at home can help you reduce your spending on energy bills and use the beautiful and sunny climate of Australia to invest in a cleaner environment for future generations through switching to solar power.

Amrut Solar is a community-oriented solar business that aims to help more Australian homeowners take charge of their own energy production with the help of our solar panels, inverters and residential solar systems. We possess the right tools and the best brands to bring you the most sought out residential solar panels and components in the market. With the help from our experts over at Amrut Solar, you too could use solar systems for home to produce your own energy. This will help you in reducing your carbon footprint while making savings on an investment that will keep on giving.

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Solar Panels for House and How to Prep for them!

Whether you are installing home solar power systems or just residential solar panels in Melbourne, you will need to keep in mind the following:

  • Energy Tracking - Track the amount of energy you have been using at home in the past few months. This will give you an idea as to the solar output you will require.

  • Roofing Space – You essentially require roofing space for residential solar panel installation in order to install your residential solar panels so that they can absorb maximum solar energy and create home solar power for use by you and your family.

  • Off-grid and Grid-connected Systems – Amrut Solar installs both types of home solar power systems. We encourage the use of grid-connected residential solar panel systems to ensure seamless electricity at your home.

Benefits of using Amrut Residential Solar Panel Installation

Returns on Investment
Your investment into residential solar panels and home solar systems is bound to pay for themselves in the long run, through the savings you make on energy bills. Using solar at home is free since solar energy is renewable and available in the atmosphere each day.
Reduced Carbon Footprint
Using clean energy like solar energy to power your home is a noble cause and creates a reduction in the carbon footprint you and your family leave behind through daily tasks. While switching to solar at home could seem like a daunting change, it ensures a cleaner future for our children.
Savings on Energy Bills
When you choose to install Amrut Solar grid-connected solar power systems, you are opting for seamless electricity inflow, and in case your own residential solar panels produce excess energy, you can send it back to the grid and claim energy credit to offset against your bills.
Increase in Property Values
Residential solar power system enabled Australian homes are valued at much higher prices than those that do not. Amrut Solar helps their clients upgrade their lifestyle and climate-related choices, as well as enrich the value of their properties through self-produced solar at home!
Long Term Solutions
Solar power systems are long term solutions to the issue of energy production. Amrut Solar believes in the quality standards of the brands that we partner with and the products that we retail and install. We provide up to 25-year maintenance guarantees and an average of 5-year workmanship warranties!
Easy Upgrades
After a few years of using an Amrut Solar installed residential solar at home, you can re-evaluate your solar needs and add additional solar panels and inverters to your existing solar power system at very little cost.

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Solar Energy System

5 kW Solar System

  • 15 x 330W = 4950W Tier 1 Panels
  • 5 kW Solis Power Inverter
  • Tier 1 Solar Module
  • High Efficiency Solar Module

6.6 kW Solar System

  • 20 x 330W = 6600W Tier 1 Panels
  • Reputed Brand Inverter
  • Tier 1 Solar Module
  • High Efficiency Solar Module

7 kW Solar System

  • 21 x 330W = 6930W Tier 1 Panels
  • Reputed Brand Inverter
  • Tier 1 Solar Module
  • High Efficiency Solar Module

Brands We Install

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