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Amrut Solar installs and retails solar batteries produced by several top market fairing manufacturers. Some of these players produce one of a kind batteries and lead the wave of innovation across the industry. Whether you are in need of residential solar energy storage or commercial solar energy storage, the best solar battery installers of Melbourne, Amrut Solar is here to help.

Tesla Powershell

Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall is a state of the art solar battery that can be paired with your solar system to bring finesse and efficiency to the way you use solar energy. With its own output and storage capacities, the Tesla Powerwall stands apart.

  • Energy Capacity – 13.5kWh

  • DoD – 100%

  • Power Output – Between 5kW to 7kW Seamless Backup Transition

  • Size – 45.3” X 29.6” X 5.75”

  • Weight – 114 kg/251.3 lbs

  • Warranty – 10 Years

This solar battery is capable of detecting power outages and blackouts all by itself and runs during these times of crises to power your home for days together! The Tesla Powerwall noiselessly stores energy and then supplies it to your home without so much as touching the power grid.

Why you should opt for Tesla Power !

  • 🗸 The Powerwall can be accessed remotely through an app on your phone. You can view the power output and storage through this app, making Tesla’s Powerwall accessible in real-time.

  • 🗸 This unique and so far unreleased solar battery customizes the solar experience to create a tailormade alert system that can tell you when to check on it.

  • 🗸 The Powerwall comes in a compact design that is easily mountable in a corner of your garage.

SolaX Triple Power

SolaX Triple Power

  • Energy Capacity – 5.8kWh

  • DoD – 90%

  • Power Output – Between 2.9 kW to 4.0kW Seamless Backup Transition

  • Size – 474mm X 193mm X 708mm

  • Weight – 77.2kg

  • Warranty – 10 Years

  • Cycle Life – 6000 times

The SolaX Triple Power solar battery is another triple power high-voltage battery that is designed to streamline energy supply to your home during the night, or when your solar panels are unable to produce an adequate amount. The SolaX Triple Power is a strong and swanky choice to use with your existing solar power system.

Solax Box

The Solax Box is another compact solar battery that packs its juice light. This solar battery is an integrated solution that has the following features:

  • Energy Capacity – 13.6kWh

  • Power Output – Between 3.3 and 4.99kW Seamless Backup Transition

  • Size – 300mm X 220mm X 170mm

  • Weight – 3kg

  • Warranty – 5 Years

  • Cycle Life – 6000 times

SolaX Box

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Factors to consider before opting for Solar Batteries installation


The battery must come with a maximum warranty to ensure that it will be maintained time to time by the manufacturers, and kept running in case of a mishap.


Battery energy output is very important. This indicates the amount of electricity a battery will be able to store from your solar power systems. You must pick a battery with an output suited to your average daily needs.

Depth of Discharge

This refers to the amount of stored battery energy that can be used at a time. For instance, a 5kW battery that boasts a 100% depth of discharge allows you to use all 5kW of the stored energy. The higher the DoD, the better the battery!

Solar Inverters

A solar inverter is the difference between a well functioning solar battery, and a fried solar battery storage. You must consider the output of your solar battery as well as your existing solar inverter before installing the solar battery. If need be, you may also have to replace your solar inverter to accommodate the output of the solar battery.Make sure to go for the right solar battery solutions.

Benefits of using a Solar Battery Storage

  1. Solar batteries make you more self-reliant for energy use rather than being dependent on the electricity grid.

  2. These batteries bring even more savings to your solar power system by eliminating the need to use grid electric current even in times where solar panels may not be able to function optimally by storing battery energy when production is high.

  3. Solar batteries are great for places that face fluctuations in the voltage of power or outages. This solar storage can power homes for days together depending on their output.

  4. These batteries double your overall energy output and conserve precious battery energy produced in your residential or commercial solar system and use it in times of need.

  5. Solar batteries are energy efficient and do not impact the environment.Solar Batteries available at Amrut Solar

Commercial and Residential Solar Energy STORAGE available

There are two distinct kinds of solar batteries available to weave into your commercial solar power systems or residential solar systems.

Of these, lithium-ion batteries are known to have a better depth of discharge and lifespan.

These batteries are more expensive than lead-acid batteries, and pack more solar battery storage power as well!

Lead-acid batteries are the cheaper cousins to lithium-ion solar batteries and have lower depths of discharge. These batteries are outdated now and are rarely used.

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