Residential Solar Systems

Sow a Small Change, Reap a Big Impact

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Residential Solar Panel Melbourne

Harness sunlight for eco-friendly, cost-effective home power, reducing carbon footprint.

Welcome to Amrut Solar, the nodal point that empowers you to bring about massive environmental impacts by incorporating a small yet efficient change towards smart energy consumption in every Australian household. Solar energy is one of the only few kinds of natural energies in the world, not the peril of getting used up. With our residential solar system solutions, you can reduce your power bills and enjoy a sustainable lifestyle.

In today’s times, when the entire world is struggling to cope with the dangers of pollution, lack of natural resources and so on, the residential solar system can prove to be the smartest choice moving towards a cleaner & greener environment for your future generations and the future of the planet as a whole.

Apart from your contribution to the global environment, it is pertinent to think about the kind of damage power bills can lay on your pocket. 79% of the Australian population admits that a very large portion of their paycheck is almost entirely dedicated to pay their power bills. With the help of residential solar panel systems in Melbourne, you can eliminate the added pressure of these bills and experience the luxury of sustainable power at a fraction of the cost.


How To Prepare For a Solar System For Home?

Whether you are looking to install a full-fledged residential solar power system or simply looking for residential solar panels in Melbourne, a certain amount of preparation will be needed from your end. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back! Here are a few tips to help you get everything you need.

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Energy Tracking

Track the amount of energy you have been using at home in the past few months. This will give you an idea for the solar output you will require.

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Roofing Space

You essentially require roof space for residential solar panel installation in order to install your residential solar panels in the way that it can absorb maximum solar energy and utilize as much solar power as it can for the convenience of you and your family.

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Off-grid and Grid-connected Systems

Amrut Solar installs both types of the solar system for home. We encourage the use of grid-connected residential solar panel systems to ensure seamless electricity at your home.


Make The Switch!

Making a change from conventional power to solar based energy might seem like a daunting task at first, but at Amrut Solar, we are committed to helping you make a switch in the simplest and most convenient possible way. We have a team of expert professionals who handle residential Solar Panel Installation for you.

Our aim is not just to switch it up on the power front, but to also make sure that Australian home owners can be in charge of their energy production requirements. We ensure that we only work with state of the art technology and the specific tools needed to set up a solar panel system for the home.

We are a community oriented solar power installation system based out of Melbourne, Australia. Every Australian householder has the right to enjoy their entire paycheck without having to worry about sharing most of it with their electricity bills. With the help of our residential solar system that only uses the best brands of solar panels for houses, you can be sure to do just that!

We offer nothing but the best solar panels, inverters, and residential solar systems. We empower you to produce your energy. With the help of our Residential Solar Panel Installation, you will not only be able to reduce your carbon footprint but also make savings on an investment that will keep on giving.

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A Budget-Friendly Approach to

Commercial Solar Systems

We are committed to bringing you the best-in-class solutions at the most competitive prices. We at Amrut Solar, are focused on delivering the most efficient and best commercial systems to our clients. Our team of experts is trained in the latest solar implementation techniques and makes sure that our products fit your requirements.

The best part about commercial solar panel installation is that it is a one-time investment that can continue to bring in profitability for your business. As mentioned above, we have solutions for every business. All you need to do is get in touch with us and speak to our executives who will set you up with the perfect solution that fits your budget with a promise of continuously reducing your energy bills for years to come!

We know how hard it can be to save money with the rising cost of living. Yet there's one expense that you should look out for, and reduce wherever possible such as the cost of electricity. Solar system for businesses might seem like an expensive undertaking in the beginning, but within a few years of installing it, you will witness power consumption sinking to a great extent! This means that you will be able to produce all the power that you need to run your operations with the help of solar energy.

Timely Support

We strive to ensure that our team is good for the environment and the community, both during the installation process and throughout our continued presence in your building. We respect your space, workers, other businesses on-site, and our lumber used for construction as well. Our goal is to provide you with great commercial solar installation services within budget.

By reducing your overhead costs, you automatically step closer to profitability. Our solar panels for business are only from the best brands and are of high quality. In order to ensure that our service can be a practical business solution for you, we study your requirements and only then offer you a solution that fits your budget and your needs perfectly!

Why Choose Us for your Residential Solar System Installation?
Why choose us for your residential Solar Power System? As Australia's leading company, we offer top Home solar power systems and more. Discover why our customers trust us.

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Solar Energy System

5 kW Solar System

15 x 330W = 4950W Tier 1 Panels

5 kW Solis Power Inverter

Tier 1 Solar Module

High Efficiency Solar Module

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6.6 kW Solar System

20 x 330W = 6600W Tier 1 Panels

Reputed Brand Inverter

Tier 1 Solar Module

High Efficiency Solar Module

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7 kW Solar System

21 x 330W = 6930W Tier 1 Panels

Reputed Brand Inverter

Tier 1 Solar Module

High Efficiency Solar Module

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Solar Power System FAQ

Yes, we do provide solar panel installation services to small and large companies.

Yes, we install solar panels, inverters, and batteries for small and large businesses.

Solar panels are made to withstand extreme temperatures, from scorching heat to bitter cold.

Your solar panel system will automatically stop producing electricity during a blackout for safety reasons. This is a necessary requirement to safeguard the technicians that are working there. Once the grid is operational again, your system will continue.

Commercial solar is a profitable investment for many businesses. Even before taking into account the acknowledged environmental benefits, programmes and incentives to offset present running expenses and lower future electricity costs while helping to pay for the system.

Commercial solar systems lower power bills by compensating a building's electricity consumption with solar energy produced by the sun. By compensating for electricity use over the course of the system's life, a commercial solar system safeguards against the certainty of future cost increases.

Like other renewable energy sources, solar electricity has several advantages for the environment and human health. Going solar brings in fewer air pollutants like sulphur dioxide and particulate matter, which can have negative health effects, as well as lower greenhouse gas emissions, which are a factor in climate change.

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